Wedding Wednesday: Wood Burn’ Love

Rustic details have been popping up in design, home decor and weddings for a few years now.  While the rustic look may not be everyone’s cup-a-tea, it just happen to be a major keyword when planning Ryan + Kyla’s wedding.  Elements like birch wood, moss, pinecones, rocks, sage green, navy blue and just a hint of pink were the winning combo that made up their rustic and whimsical wedding day.  We can’t forget the touches of wood burning.  Keep reading for more wood burning tips, tools and photos.

Rustic Wedding birch wood burned detail

Rustic Wedding Wood burned detail

The small birch wood with “K + R” were scattered through out the reception decor.  The wood piece pictured above was featured on the escort card table.

Ready to burn?  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wood Burner
  • Wood slices -we cut pieces of birch ( fallen trees from our cabin) about 3 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick, but you may use any size you heart desires.  If you want pre-cut wood slices, Michaels now sells various sizes.
  • Paper and Pencil to draw your design out first
  • Practice piece of wood – any scrap wood will do
  • Something heat-safe to set the wood burner on


  • Plan your design before you even plug in the wood burner.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Practice before you burn your “real” pieces of wood.
  • Be careful!  Those wood burners get hot and are very, very sneaky.  You’ve been warned.
  • The angled tip can be tricky to write/burn with.  It’s not like writing with a pen so practice up!
  • Wood burners have different attachments ( various attachments, letter stamps and more) so experiment with your options.

Rustic Wedding birch wood burned detail

Rustic Wedding birch wood burned detail

Rustic Wedding birch wood burned detail

Rustic Wedding birch wood burned detail
 Will you been wood burning anything for your big day?  Do you have any tips to share with class?  Please do share!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Photo Credit: Megan Norman


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