Wedding Wednesday: The Pinspiration

As I have mentioned before, I so wish I had known about Pinterest when I was planning our wedding.  In fact, I’m not even sure it was available in 2009 when the planning started.  Anyone know?  What a brilliant and easy way to gather photos, ideas and inspirations for your big day!  I feel so ancient when I tell people I saved my inspirational photos to a file on my computer.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is I highly recommend you get addicted today.  You will become addicted.  You’ve been warned.

Today I am sharing the inspirational photo pin behind a real wedding detail.  I am certain I saw this photo in a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine and then later found it online (And saved to my computer).  Let’s pretend I did use Pinterest to plan my wedding for moment, shall we?  This gorgeous pin translated into this on our wedding day.

wedding aisle with flowers

wedding aisle with flowers

wedding aisle with flowers

A more simplistic version of the inspirational photo.  White rose petals lined the sides of our venue aisle.  Two tall vases and white candles sat at the top of the aisle.  The morning of our wedding, while placing the petals and candles, I feared someone would accidentally kick over the vase.  A month after our wedding, I learned it really did happen.  Oops! Glad nothing caught fire.  Perhaps, double sided tape would have been a smart move?

Happy Wedding Pinning!

Photo Credit: Mark Schlanser Photography


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