Wedding Wednesday: Easy Moss Monogram Letters

Are you ready for a super easy project?  I heart quick and easy craft projects.  Mostly because they don’t happen very often.  Remember Ryan and Kyla’s wedding?  Well, we wanted to add a little something to the main doors of their venue.  They wanted a rustic, nature inspired theme for their wedding day, so we incorporated a lot of moss into the decor.  Including these paper mache moss covered letters:

Moss Monogram Letters

I decided to leave the sides uncovered because the unfinished craft-paper-look went along with the theme.  You could certainly cover the sides with moss if you prefer that look.

Moss Monogram Letters Mississippi Dunes

Here are the moss covered letters hanging on the main doors.  They didn’t quite stand out as much as I had expected, but it added a little pop of moss to the main entrance.  The moss would look amazing hanging on a wood or solid painted door.

Easy Moss Monogram Letters

Supply List:

  • Peel & Stick Moss Mat  (only needed 1 bag for the two letters)
  • (2) 12″ Paper Mache Letters
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3M Command hooks (we used white, but clear would’ve been better on glass)
  • Drop cloth, newspaper or anything to catch moss debris- this is a messy project!

How To:

  1. Cover surface to catch moss debris- this is a messy project so outside might work best
  2. Measure, trace and cut out moss to fit each letter
  3. Before peeling away the backing, make sure the moss covers the top (and sides, if you choose) of each letter
  4. Peel away backing and carefully adhere moss to each letter
  5. Cut ribbon to desired length and hot glue to backside of letter.  TIP: if you’re not sure what length your ribbon should be, cut two extra long pieces for each letter, space evenly on backside and glue.  Once you’re on site, you can measure the correct length, tie the two pieces together in a double knot and cut off excess ribbon.
  6. Adhere command hooks to clean surface and hang letters.  TIP: Most venues will not let you staple, nail, glue and tape to any surface.  Command hooks seem to be the preferred hanging method with most venues I have worked with in the past.

Moss Monogram Letters

One last shot with the letters in the background.  Are you adding monogram details to your wedding day?  How about a little moss?  The peel and stick moss could be used for many other wedding or home decor projects.

P.S.  Joann has larger paper mache letters now that would work well on larger doors or to make a bolder statement. 

Photo Credit: Megan Norman


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