Wedding Wednesday: Earth Day Inspired Wedding & Eco-Friendly Planning Tips

You may have heard, but yesterday was Earth Day.  To honor this important day, I thought I’d share an eco-friendly, Earth Day inspired wedding photo shoot.  I will also leave you with a few tips to make your own wedding a little more eco-friendly.  If we fail to keep Mother Nature in mind, our beautiful home, may not be so beautiful one day.

Wedding Wednesday Earth Day Green Leaves

First, you must check out this gorgeous Earth Day Wedding inspired photo shoot here.  For the full gallery of photos hop on over here.  I love the plethora of succulents, the touches of silver mixed with natural elements.  The wooden “Love” sign with the recycle symbol as the “o” is pretty cute, too.  What’s your favorite detail?

Tips to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for Your Wedding

1.  Reduce waste by skipping the favors.  In the moment, tiny bells, bubbles and monogrammed items are adorable.  Do your guests keep them forever?  Some might, others will throw away or leave on the table.  Sorry to take the fun out of favors, but it’s true.  Favors can be fun, but they cost you money and create more waste.  We skipped them and nobody missed them.  If you really must provide a parting gift, think photo strip or flip book.  Yes, I said flip book- check this out.

Reduce paper waste and save money by having guests RSVP online.  Many sites like The Knot offer free wedding websites where guests can RSVP online for free.

2. Reuse past Bride’s decor.  Looking for centerpieces, a dress or other wedding essentials?  Search inventory from past Brides looking to sell their wedding items.  When you’re done with your items circulate them back into the wedding world, or donate leftover supplies to a school, charity or non-profit.  Oh, and those leftover flowers?  Don’t toss them!  Send them home with guests, or deliver to a Senior home or hospital the next day.  Here are some sources for finding gently used wedding items:

3.  Recycle, recycle and recycle some more.  Avoid plastic water bottles by providing pitchers of water on the tables or a cute water station.  If water bottles are the only option, provide labeled recycling bins so they don’t end up in the trash.

If you’re using disposable tableware, consider using eco-friendly products like these.  They are compostable, renewable and made in North America.  Be sure they don’t end up in the garbage by providing a well labeled container.

Happy Earth Day (one day late) and Happy Wedding Planning!


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