Wedding Wednesday: DIY Superhero Frame Boutonnieres

DIY Superhero Boutonnieres
Photo Credit: Mark Schlanser Photography

Happy Wednesday and welcome to a new weekly series of blog posts.  Wedding Wednesday will feature all things wedding including: DIY wedding projects, ideas, trends, wedding features and anything else wedding-related. Sound fun?  I think so.  Here goes the first post.

Our wedding was a whole lot of do-it-yourself projects.  For one, because I simply love being crafty and secondly, to save money and stay within our budget.  Also, our goal was to craft a unique and memorable wedding so we opted for some tradition and more of a freestyle concept, if you will.

When it came to selecting flowers for the wedding we both had our own ideas.  First, I wanted white button mums, then I wanted non-traditional, fun and not so flower-ry like this. After I saw the image below in a magazine I went hunting for more ideas.  He wanted no boutonnieres until I showed him the photo and threw around some ideas (mostly hockey and superhero related). He was sold. Onward with the the new concept.

After many Google searches, I could not find any hockey or superhero related ideas so I had to come up with my own.  Paul decided on the superhero theme and would assign each Groomsmen a character based on their personality and/or favorite character.  After a trip to the craft store, I found a great idea in the scrapbooking section and the Superhero Frame Boutonniere idea was born.

Here are the steps to create your own superhero frame boutonniere or “non-flower lapel decor”, as he might call it. 😉

DIY Superhero Boutonnieres

Supply List: 

  1. Memory Frame  (I used 1x 3 for the bouts, but there are various sizes available)
  2. Memory Glass (1 x 3 size- 2 pieces each)
  3. Memory Foil Tape
  4. Flat Back Safety Pin
  5. E6000 Glue 
  6. Scissors 
  7. Ribbon
  8. Superhero Photo– I found all of my photos via Google searches (could also use a photo, artwork, clip art, comic, pressed flower, etc.)

How To Assemble

1. Prep your images: Find your images or items to showcase in the mini frame. The item will be sandwiched between two pieces of glass so it must be paper thin.  If you have an item that will not fit between the glass you could also glue TO the glass.  All our Superhero images were found via Google so I saved to my computer, opened in a Word document and sized to fit in the 1×3 frames.  I printed them all on one page and selected the best color printing option.  Once images were dry (to prevent smearing), I cut to size using a paper cutter and x-acto knife.  I also designed a backside image with the name of the groomsman and their character.

Backside Design of Superhero Boutonnieres

2. Clean Glass and Sandwich Images: Clean all pieces of glass before you start assembling.  When assembling, beware of leaving fingerprints on the inside of glass.  It will require taking apart the entire frame once assembled. Trust me, you don’t want to have to do this…I did.   Line up your prints with both images facing out and sandwich between two pieces of glass.  You may opt to use double sided tape to keep your two prints from shifting.

3. Foil the Edges:  Grab your roll your foil tape and carefully adhere around the outside edge of the glass.  I don’t have a photo of this step, and I feel this may cause confusion so bear with my description. Imagine your glass and images are a sandwich and your want to add the crust to the sandwich (I know, I know. No body ever adds crust to a sandwich, but we are adding it today- okay?)  The foil will act as the “crust” of your sandwich.  This will hold both pieces of the glass together and keep your images secure between the metal frame.

4. Add the Metal Frame:  The metal frames have a small tab that bends away from the frame, allowing  the frame to expand. Once you have your frame open, slide the glass (sandwich) into the frame.  Make sure you’re images are facing the correct direction. You may have to use a little force to get the glass into the frame if your foil is not completely smooth.  Once your glass is in place, close the frame and bend the tab back in place.

5. Add the Flatback Safety Pin:  Use E600 glue (or another strong glue good for metal/glass) to secure your flatback safety pin to the back side of your frame.  The frame has a small metal loop on the top side, so ensure you are gluing the pin on the top side (near the metal loop). Let dry to avoid the pin from shifting.

6. Add Ribbon: Add a ribbon/twine/raffia of your choice to the metal loop of each frame.  I cut each piece a little longer so I could trim after tying.  I did a double knot, but you could also get fancy and tie a bow or some other knot style (I’m sure Pinterest could help in this department).  You could also skip the ribbon for a clean look.  Be sure to cut your ribbon at an angle to avoid fraying.

There you have it!  DIY Superhero Frame Boutonnieres to add a whimsical touch to your wedding day.  The best part was not having to help the guys pin on their flowers.  I always poke my finger when I attempt this task.  Anyone else opting to skip the flower boutonnieres for your groomsmen?  If you have any questions on the process or interested in having me create custom frame boutonnieres for your special day contact me for pricing and more ideas.

DIY Superhero Boutonnieres
Photo Credit: Mark Schlanser Photography


xo, Jolene

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