Wedding Wednesday: DIY Stenciled Wood Sign

DIY Stenciled Wood Sign

Handmade signs are an easy and fun way to add whimsical detail to your event while helping your guests find their way.  Here are the details on how we made the wood signs for Kyla and Ryan’s wedding day.  Kyla’s Uncle was so kind by making the wooden signs for us and mailed them to Minnesota.  All we had to do was paint and assemble.  Don’t have a handy uncle to mail your signs?  Here are a few ideas to help with making your own wood sign:

  • Find a pallet and cut to size
  • Craft stores usually carry wood plaques like this and attach with a screw to a cut-to-size 2×1
  • Use scrap wood in your garage
  • Not feeling handy?  There’s always Etsy to the rescue!
DIY Stenciled Wood Sign
Photo Credit: Megan Norman

Once you have your sign in hand, gather these supplies get ready to paint!

  1. Craft Paint- we used white acrylic paint from the local craft store
  2. Stencils- we used Martha’s Typewriter Stencils
  3. Sponge or firm fine-medium brush to apply paint- we used Martha’s Foam Pouncers, but I would probably try these next time
  4. Paper plate or plastic container for the paint
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencil

Pull the stencils out of the box and punch out the letters you will need.  You may want to trim the stencils if  you think it will be easier to lay them out on the surface of your sign.  Once you determine the best layout for your words, use a pencil to lightly trace.  Move stencils aside to confirm you like the layout.  Practice using the stencil and foam/sponge/brush on a practice piece before starting on the actual sign.

Once you have the right layout, lie the stencil down for the first letter on the left side.  Letter by letter, moving left to right, paint over the stencil with your foam pouncer or paintbrush.  You might have to do one word at a time, letting it dry before moving on to avoid smearing.  If you’re reusing a stencil wipe off excess paint before lying down again.

Stenciled Wood Sign
Photo Credit: Megan Norman

Less is more when using paint over the stencils.  By using less paint than you think you’ll need, you will avoid the paint bleeding beyond the lines.  Two light coats may be your best practice, depending upon the surface you are painting on.   The foam pouncers worked well on our wood surface as it was not smooth.  Dip the foam pouncer in the paint and dab on a paper towel or other surface to remove excess paint. Lightly dab the foam over the stencil a few times.  Carefully lift the stencil away. Repeat and let dry as needed.

Are you making any signs for an upcoming wedding, party or maybe just for home decor?  Happy Sign Making!

Photo Credit: Megan Norman


All photos by Megan Norman:

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