Wedding Wednesday: Chiffon and Lace Flower Sash

Last Wednesday I shared the story of altering my Mom’s wedding dress.  I had the sleeves and neckline removed which left me with a decent amount of fabric.  I was determined to repurpose the chiffon and lace material.  It took awhile to strategically plan it out, but in the end I was able to make the flower sash, hair piece, garter and I also made my Mom’s floral bousage.  And just enough left over for a special ornament.

Chiffon and Lace Flower Sash

I used a variety of techniques to make each flower.  The most “technical” technique consisted of pinching, twisting and scrunching fabric until it looked like a flower.  Then using  my thread and needle to sew the flower to maintain it’s shape.  Flowers number 3 and 5 (from left to right) were created using this technique.  I used this technique for flowers 1,2 and 6.  The fourth flower was created using this technique.

Chiffon and Lace Flower Sash Details

Flower Sash 1

Flower Sash 2

After all six flowers were done, I embellished a few with pearl and crystal beads.  I sewed the flowers onto the middle of white ribbon (about 8 feet), added felt to the back side, so the ribbon wouldn’t slide around against the dress.  I trimmed the ribbon to the perfect length after trying on with my dress.
Are you wearing or making a flower sash with your dress?

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