$4 Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away.  This is the first year, as an adult, where I’ve actually decorated our home for the holiday.  When I took down the Christmas decor, I decided we needed some more festive decor in our home.  My other half isn’t exactly in favor of this holiday, so I mentioned I would be decorating for his favorite holiday (to get his reaction) and he said: Okay, but only a little. Don’t go crazy.  Oh, and you can’t buy anything new!  You don’t need more stuff.  In the words of the great Barney Stinson: “Challenge Accepted.”

Decorating with what I had on hand was pretty easy for a craft-a-holic like myself.  Besides the pink and red tulips, everything was already in my closet. The tulips came from Trader Joe’s and on special for $1.99 per bunch.  What a deal!  I used a lot of pink and red paper for the hearts.  The manzita tree, white felt wreath, ribbon, jars and vases were from various events I’ve hosted over the years.  I’ll stop gabbing and share the pink, red, white and blue “Heart Day” goodness.  Here’s my Valentine’s Day decor on a tiny budget of only $4.

 All Photos via Designs By Jolene


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