The *New* Kitchen Cabinets

From previous posts about our kitchen remodel you learned how we knocked down the wall, rebuilt the half wall, added a breakfast bar and now adding the new kitchen cabinets.  Not to be confused with our pre-existing cabinets we painted.

The kitchen was once meant to be an eat-in kitchen with a doorway to the dining room.  By removing the wall shared with the dining room and by rebuilding as a half wall, we were able to create an open concept.  Including a breakfast bar, additional storage in the base cabinets and with more counter space.

We worked with a design consultant at our local Home Depot.  We had 91 inches of wall space to fill with new base cabinets.  We had to keep quality and price in mind while finding cabinets to maximize the functionality of space.  Home Depot has many brands of custom cabinets available, but we selected Thomasville for the quality and mid-range price.  Paul use to work in a cabinet shop, so he was particular about the construction of cabinets.  Once we had the design finalized, we placed the order and had a pallet of custom cabinets delivered to our door 8 weeks later.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

We unpacked the cabinets and brought them inside to make sure they fit in the space.  You may notice a bit of overhang in the photo below because we hadn’t removed the plastic corner protectors yet.  We had a  hard time selecting the wood and finish of the cabinets.  They had to work with the freshly painted cabinets, but also work with the wood floors.  We didn’t want the new cabinets to blend in or clash with the floors.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

Once we saw them in the space, we were quite pleased with our selection of the maple wood with a Palomino glaze finish.  We let out a huge sigh of relief and Paul started securing the cabinets to the wall.  Notice how we left of the floor base trim to ensure the cabinets fit flush against the walls.

Untitled 78

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

Shims were used to level each cabinet before fully securing to the wall and one another.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

A close up of the dovetail drawer construction.  All of the doors and drawers are QuietClose which is also a favorite feature for us.  Sometimes I forget we don’t have them on the old cabinets and find myself accidentally closing them a little too hard.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

Fast forward to the end.  Here is the finished result after all cabinets were secured, countertop installed (more on that later), toe kick cover and trim installed with hardware added.  Can you see the hidden toe kick drawer?  You can also catch a glimpse of the old cabinets in the background.  Not too shabby.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville

And a quick rundown of the cabinet features from left to right:

1. A 15 inch cabinet with a roll out tray divider for bakeware with a shelf above

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville bake ware pull out drawer

2.  A 24 inch cabinet with mixer stand base and lift hardware (expensive, but so worth it if you’re a baker!)

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville kitchen aid mixer stand

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville kitchen aid mixer stand

3.  A 33 inch base cabinet with large drawer above, adjustable shelf behind the double doors.  We cannot forget my favorite part: the hidden toe kick drawer.  It’s perfect for storing large platers for entertaining.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville  toe kick drawer

4.  18 inch base cabinet with a pull out double waste basket.  Although it can be hard for guests to find the trash and recycling when they are over, it’ sure is nice to have it tucked away.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install- Thomasville  pull out trash and recycling

And finally the grand finale of a before, middle and after photo collage.

New Kitchen Cabinets by Thomasville Maple Villa Palomino

What do you think of the new cabinets?  Is anyone else mixing new cabinets in with their old kitchen cabinets?  Honestly, we weren’t sure how they two styles and colors would work together, but we were pleasantly surprised how well they work together.

Thomasville Cabinets (ordered through Home Depot)


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