The Fall of the Kitchen Wall

Day 5: November 3, 2012

Part of the our plan in remodeling the kitchen was to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  The wall once created an eat-in kitchen, but it was blocking the view, natural light and open-feeling throughout the upper living area.  Besides, who really needs an eat-in-kitchen anymore when there are islands and breakfast bars?  We are big dreamers.

Our inspector helped us to confirm the wall was NOT load bearing so we were safe to proceed.  Before getting too crazy, Paul knocked a few small holes to make sure he wouldn’t destroy anything between the walls (electrical wires, ancient artifacts, box of gold, etc).  We also shut off the power to the kitchen, put on our safety glasses and face masks before letting the sledgehammer fly.

Here’s Paul starting to knock away at the wall. Our plan was to salvage the studs to re-build the half wall for the future breakfast bar.  This is the reason for careful demolition between the studs.  I left the house shortly after this started to go to my part time job as a gymnastics coach.  So it was up to the hubs to take out the wall…



When I got home later that day this is what I found: naked studs in my kitchen.  Wait?  Did I just say that?  Well, let me clarify a bit; 7 naked studs plus my handsome husband who is NOT naked in this picture. 🙂



It looks dark in this picture, due to no power for the time being, but removing the wall made a huge difference!  The kitchen is a decent size, but it felt dark and small with the wall.  Now it feels more open and airy with the big windows in the background (with awesome fabric-lined, vertical curtains).

Since it’s fun to compare and see progress, here are the before and after photos:


Kitchen: Before


Kitchen Wall Progress

Those are some nice studs. =)

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