That 70’s Yellow and Brown Bathroom

Yes, it’s true.  Our main bathroom is blessed with the yellow and brown colors commonly used in 70’s decor.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, Google “Yellow and Brown 70’s” for a visual reference.  Or watch, That 70’s Show.  I miss that show.

Anyways, back to the bathroom.  Our main bathroom (aka- my bathroom) ensemble included: flower textured wallpaper, yellow tile on the walls and in the shower, brown “crackle effect” tile (er, ugly), dark brown wood, yellow sink with cream colored counter, dated fixtures in gold, chrome and brass.  The newest thing in the entire bathroom was probably that bar of soap they left behind, me or the toilet.  The bar of soap didn’t last long.  So it’s was a toss up between me and the toilet.  I’ve never compared my age to a toilet before…this just got weird.  Scroll on for more retro bathroom photos. abandoned soap) Bathroom brass door hook

We had no solid plans to remodel the bathroom in the near future since we were focusing on the kitchen remodel.  But, let me tell you, after a few months of that flowery, textured wallpaper staring me in the face, I could not resist the urge to rip it down and paint.

70s wallpaper

See what I mean.  Is it haunting you, too?  The coast is now clear and that paper is gone.  Call me your hero if you’d like. 😉

Main Bathroom Update 6

Unlike the kitchen wallpaper, this stuff did not exactly fall of the wall.  The first layer ripped down in a pinch. But a thin, base layer and glue was nearly impossible to remove.  It took me two days and a lot of elbow grease to remove that stubborn paper.  I did not rent a steamer because I thought it would go smooth like the kitchen paper removal.  However, I did use the hot water and fabric softener  (and, a whole lot of a elbow grease) method to help remove the glue and paper.  My entire upper body was sore for days after.

Yellow Brown Bathroom

It was a slow process, but eventually the walls were dry and ready to paint.  We’re not exactly ready to demolish this bathroom (someday), so we’ll call this a bathroom “refresh”.  Maybe something like this down the road.  My plan is update the bathroom by working with what I’ve got.  Yup, the yellow and brown crackle tile is staying for now.  Hopefully, a little paint, more color and accessories will go a long way!  Check back tomorrow to check on the progress of the main bathroom refresh.


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