Sunday Snaps #8

{ #100HappyDays }

This week I learned about a fun photo challenge called 100 Happy Days.  It’s a daily photo challenge where you share a photo of anything that makes you happy.  Encouraging everyone to slow down and live in the moment each day.  Capture something that you love, but take for granted.  Or, a photo of your new found glee that makes you do a happy dance.  You post your photos to Instagram and share publicly or privately- your choice (don’t forget to use “#100happydays”).  I already tend to take photos daily (usually of my cat), but thought a challenge to capture more “happy” shots would be fun.  Anything to help get me through this winter!  Follow me on Instagram to see my daily photos and sign up for yourself!  Can you make to Day 100 with me?

SS#8 Tulip Flower Photo By Jolene


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