Sunday Snaps #5

 { Craving Spring }

It has been a long and harsh winter for us Minnesotans so far.  Many snowy morning commutes (1-3 hours in the car for some), schools closing due to dangerous cold weather (-39* anyone?) and cabin fever setting in earlier than normal.  Yes, we should be use to it by now.  But, we’re still going to complain and talk about it, a lot.  At work, on the phone, to our neighbors, in the elevator and while at the grocery store.  We are from Minnesota and we loooove to talk about the weather.  So what does one do to keep their spirits up during the frigid winter?  Everyone has their own remedies, but I prefer flowers and keeping busy with projects.  I brought home pink and red tulips to remind me that Spring is closer than it feels.  And for the projects?  I could name a million, but the one I will share this week has to do with the upcoming holiday known has Valentines Day.  Guaranteed to include: pink, red, hearts and other adorable decorative details.  Maybe it will even make us forget about the weather for awhile?  One can only hope.

Red and Pink Tulips



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