Sunday Snaps #34

{ Childhood Memories }

As a kid, did you ever drive by that one house you always dreamt of seeing the inside?  This house is exactly that for me.  Growing up, we drove by this house often.  When I was very young my Dad tried to convince my brother and I that he once lived in the “white mansion house” (as we called it) as a child.  Even Grandpa got in that little white lie when we would drive past the house on the way to the cabin.  Well, today I finally got to see the inside.  And, it was amazing!  I enjoyed a delicious brunch on the patio with my family at the historical Woodbury House, now known as The Mad Hatter Restaurant and Tea Room.  I highly recommend checking it out!  The history that lies within these walls are amazing, the house is gorgeous and the food is delicious.

The Woodbury House Anoka MN The Mad Hatters Restaurant and Tea House

All Photos via Designs By Jolene


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