Show & Tell: A&B Living Room Updates

Hello Friday!  So nice to see you again!  Fridays are great.  It’s the end of the week and the start of the weekend.  Everyone is chipper and has a little more pep in their step.  Am I right?

With a little more pep in my step today, I am introducing a new series called: Show & Tell.   I thought it would be fun to start sharing projects in other people’s homes.  Show and Tell just like we did back in elementary school, but now we are sharing the pride and joy of our adult lives. Instead of our favorite stuffed animals, pictures of new baby brother or lego creations, we can share home projects, parties we’ve hosted, favorite recipes or maybe, your lego creation from last weekend.  No judging here.  😉  Have a project you want to share?  Send it my way!

The first Show & Tell features freshly painted walls, a vaulted focal wall and an awkward platform niche’ revamped to provide more storage. Welcome to A&B’s Living Room!  The “Before” photo below is more like a progress photo because this was taken after the walls were freshly painted.  
Living Room Feature Fall Before AfterThe large frame in the middle was a Craigslist find and painted silver.  She added a beautiful family photo floating in the middle of the glass.  The word decals and small photo frames was a box set from Target online (currently unavailable).   To start we pulled everything out of the box and cut the words apart.  To help with the initial layout, we taped the words to the wall.  We also cut paper to the size of the small black frames to determine their placement and help with spacing.  We used painters tape to temporally tape everything in place.  After placing a few things on the wall, we would stand back and rearrange until it looked right.

Living Room Feature Fall Before After2Once we had everything in place we started applying the decals to the wall.  We started with the shorter words to practice adhering to the wall. The words with the swirls and curly tails were the most difficult.  Thankfully you could pull them off the wall and adjust as needed.  Once the words were in place, we used Command velcro strips to hang the small black frames.  Fewer holes in the wall and a nap-time-friendly project equals a win-win.  The mirror was already hanging on the wall, so we added the black sconces and candles.  The black clock is from Michaels craft store.

A&B Living Room Before After 3

A&B Living Room Before After 7

Around the corner from the feature wall is the kitchen and dining room.  We took advantage of additional empty wall space to hang a white board calendar and three metal baskets to capture the paperwork, mail and magazines that tend to overtake our kitchen counters.  The metal baskets are from Target and come in a set of three.

A&B Living Room Before After 4

A&B Living Room Before After 5

Another feature in A&B’s living room is the large platform niche’ in the corner of the living room.  A feature which makes the room unique, but leaves you thinking: what should I do with this space?  After a brainstorming session, I had the idea to create built-in storage for A’s collection of crystal (which was previously hiding in kitchen cabinets).  When searching on Craigslist, she happened to find this great hutch that fit perfectly on the platform and matched their existing woodwork.  No building required, only heavy lifting.

Platform Niche Before AfterIt gives the space a custom look, offers additional storage and the crystal now has an almost dust-free home.  It is like a giant night light in the evening.  What would you do with the platform niche’?  How about the vaulted feature wall?  Are you still in search for the perfect items to hang on your walls?  I’m really digging the box set of word decals and frames she found on  Hopefully it will become available again!  Happy Friday, Everyone!

A&B Living Room Before After 6


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