Shiny New Appliances

Day 39: December 7, 2012

The kitchen was starting to look more live-able and less like a construction zone.  The kitchen was looking mighty calm the morning the appliances were delivered.


And a view from the living room; all sheetrock repairs completed and the half wall fully painted on both sides.  Notice how the shop vacuum always seems to make it in the photo?  Photo bomber, for sure.Appliances 2

One more closeup of our much-loved half wall.

New appliances

Here’s a quick run down of the appliances that came with the house.  The off white, side-by-side Amana fridge.

New appliances

The off white Amana dishwasher.

New appliances

The vintage Caloric double oven range.  The upper half is not a microwave and the previous owners did not leave one behind.  We were microwave-less.

Vintage Caloric Range

We attempted to sell the dishwasher and range on Craigslist for some extra money. Because of the time crunch, we pulled the listings down and decided to have them hauled away.  However, we kept the old fridge and moved into the laundry room.  To prepare for delivery, I  had to clean out the old fridge so they could move into the basement for us.  The range was already sitting in the garage, ready to be hauled away.

New appliances

Onto the new shiny appliances.  As I mentioned before, we scored some great deals on our new appliances during the Black Friday sale at Sears.  The four new appliances were successfully delivered to our home.  Getting them inside and to their designated spaces was an entirely different story.  I guess you could say we were appliance challenged.  To spare a really, really long story I’ll do my best to summarize.

1.  The new fridge almost did not make it into the house.  It wouldn’t fit through the service door connected to the garage, so they had to take the storm door and front door off the hinges.  It required all three men, strategically opening one french door while closing the other and swiftly maneuvering around the corner, up the stairs and over the railings.  The fridge is the size of a small elephant and extremely heavy.

LG french door refrigerator

2.  The old fridge could NOT be hauled away because the water line needed to be disconnected BEFORE the crew arrived.  We were NOT told this before hand.  We received a dozen reminder emails, calls and the sales people sent us home with lists of how to prepare for your delivery.  This was not something they told us about.  The crew said they were not properly trained to assist me with disconnecting the water line.  Husband was at work and could not leave to help.  I attempted to to do this over the phone with him, but it just didn’t work out.  So, the old fridge remained in the same place and the new fridge sat in our dining room.

LG french door refrigerator

3. The dishwasher and microwave were a cake-walk to bring into the house.  But, they also sat in the dining room.  We knew we would install the appliances on our own, so we expected the microwave to sit in the box until we could install.  We figured the new dishwasher would at least be slid in it’s place and the old one hauled away.  Again, the dishwasher was not disconnected prior to them arriving, so it also stayed behind in the same place.  Annoying.   Take note and learn from our mistake:  Disconnect all water lines to existing appliances BEFORE the delivery crew arrives.   This may not be the case for all appliances delivery crews, but with Sears it is.  Live and learn, right?

new appliances
New appliances

4.  The new range was the only appliance to land in it’s new home.  Since the old Caloric range was sitting in the garage, they could just slide the new one right in.  Paul just had to hook up the gas line when he got home and plug in.  Easy, right?

New appliances

LG gas range

Appliances 15

Nope.  Not so easy.  The crew was gone and I was unwrapping the range.  I peeled away the blue protective coating from the front only to find a large scratch on the surface of the door.  Noooooooo!  Not just a light scratch of the surface, but a gouge in the stainless finish.   If you look at the photo above, you can see the blemish below the door handle, on the right side.  Here is a close up shot.  It was about an inch and half long and nothing seemed to help blend it in.

scratch on new range

I called the customer service line, again.  I was already on the phone with them earlier to ensure they would return to move the old refrigerator to the basement since we paid an extra fee.  The customer service gentleman was very nice and friendly, but I laughed when he offered me a $50.00 gift card to makeup for the scratch on my new range.  I told him that would not do.  He increased the offer to $75.00.  No dice, sorry man.  I explained: a gift card is not going to fix the scratch and the only acceptable solution is to deliver a new range.  After a few more minutes on the phone I got them to agree to deliver a new range.  If the scratch had been less noticeable I would have accepted a gift card. With the scratch in clear site, it would drive me nuts for the life of the range.

Later that evening, we installed the dishwasher and hooked up the range.  The new range delivery was a week out so we hooked up the current one for the time being.

Whirlpool dishwasher

We also moved the small elephant from the dining room into the kitchen.  Not an easy task with two people.  One being strong and the other not-so-strong.  No names or finger pointing, though.  Either way, we managed to finagle that elephant through the doorway and into the fridge-hole.  Oh, and we installed a new water line for the ice maker to ensure there were no leaks in the near future.

Installing the new fridge

The inside of the fridge is SO bright and I love it!

LG french door refrigerator
Fun times with appliances, huh?  Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled to have new appliances, but just wish the process had gone a little smoother.   How was your experience appliance shopping, delivery and install?  Were you brave enough to install on your own?


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    do you know the model number of the caloric double oven? if yes please e-mail it to me. it would be much appreciated.

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