Sharp Lookin’ Cabinets

Day 26: November 24, 2012

This was a big day in our kitchen remodel adventure.  We finally finished painting all the doors and drawers for the kitchen cabinets.  Before we put them back together, there was one final detail to be completed.  Okay, actually two if you count adding the hardware.  This little block of a sample was our inspiration for our cabinet makeover.  We liked it so much we decided to imitate the brown accent lines on our freshly painted Battenberg cabinets.

Sharpie Cabinets

Here’s a quick peak at the finished product; Battenberg cabinets with brown accents and bronze hardware.  So, how did we do it?

Sharpie on kitchen Cabinets

Just a little coloring on the cabinets.  Adult and Mom approved kind-of-coloring.  Definitely, not washable.  Coloring with a very permanent brown Sharpie.  Here’s a before and after shot of the drawers. We are very fond of the “after” shot.

Sharpie Your Cabinets

We bought brown Sharpies with an ultra fine tip and fine tip.  We first tried the ultra fine tip and carefully traced along each side of the raised trim.  Here’s Paul in action tracing the first drawer front.  We tried it on one drawer and one door to test out the ultra fine tip.

Sharpie your cabinets

Can you see the brown lines on the drawer and door?  It’s very faint.  We liked the way it looked, but we weren’t sure if it was quite right.  Paul pondered for a bit.

Sharpie on kitchen Cabinets

A few moments later, we grabbed the fine tip Sharpie and tried again.  We wanted more pizzazz.  No, not pizza.  PIZZAZZ!

Sharpie on kitchen Cabinets

The fine tipped Sharpie was applied.  And here is the end result:

Sharpie on kitchen Cabinets

Much better. 🙂  Instantly sold.  Now that is the pizzazz we were looking for.

Sharpie on kitchen Cabinets

We were quickly on our way to Sharpie the remaining 26 door and drawer fronts.  We found it worked best to spin the marker as you traced to keep the line weight consistent.  The paint finish was rubbing off on the felt tip (slightly) causing the tip to gunk up.  We wiped the tip on a paper towel in between each door or drawer front.

Sharpie on kitchen cabinets

Two to three fine tipped Sharpies later we were finished and ready to add the hang the doors and add the hardware.  We found our hardware at Home Depot in the bronze finish we were eyeing.  Since we needed so many knobs and drawer pull value packs were the way to go.  We decided to use the original hinges since they were already a bronzy-brassy color.  It worked out quite well, actually.  14 knobs, 8 drawer pulls and 37 hinges later we had officially completed our cabinet project.  Just imagine how much better those Sharp cabinets (ha- get it?) will look against freshly painted walls, backsplash and stainless steel appliances.  Although I am pretty darn excited to share this Kitchen Remodel milestone with you, I am even more excited to share further updates.  Would you Sharpie your cabinets?

Sharpie on kitchen cabinets

Sharpie on kitchen cabinets

P.S. Want to see more photos of our kitchen remodel?  Click on over here for more project posts and photos.

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