Revere Pewter Wins the Race

Hi!  Are you still here waiting impatiently to find out which color we picked?  I’ll bet you’re dying to know.  Sorry to leave you in suspense longer than expected.

3 Paint Colors

Well, we picked color #2!  Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore (HC-172) and we love it!  Not too dark or light, just right.  Just the right amount of neutral and warmth we were looking for.  We ended up color matching at Home Depot using Behr paint since we needed A LOT.  The walls were thirsty and soaked up the paint.  I believe we ended up doing close to three coats of paint!  Here’s Mr. Paul in action.  I am usually the painter as he claims he doesn’t like it, but he chipped in this time.  He even managed to paint most of the living, dining and foyer while I was working.

Awww, so much better.  No more faded yellow sponge painting for these walls.  If you look closely at the before photo below you can see where all of the art work use to hang.  For the record, those curtains still make me cringe. Eek!  If you like painting as much as me, there will be more painting posts coming your way.
B A photo paint colors

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