Quick Exterior Updates

Have you ever seen so much brown on a house?  Every detail on the exterior of our home is brown or a lighter shade of brown (the tan brick).  Even the deck is stained a dark brown.  Last summer was our first summer season in our home and we were anxious to start working on exterior projects and landscaping.  There were and still are many items on our project list, but to keep it simple.  We have 38 bushes in our yard that require maintenance.  38?  Yes, I counted them and I believe this is an insane amount of bushes to keep up with.  Besides trimming bushes we tackled a few small projects last summer to tie us over until we can complete the bigger projects.

Quick Exterior Updates  Before

Photo Credit: NorthstarMLS

Ideally we wanted to paint the entire exterior of our home last summer.  We were struggling to come up with a new color scheme and yard work took up most of our short summer.  In lieu of painting the entire house, I decided to paint this area around the front door to keep me satisfied for the long winter.  And that light?  It had to go.

Quick Exterior Updates Before

Someday we’ll replace the doors and windows.  I am a sucker for a beautiful wooden door like this.  For now, we’ll paint and update the small details.

Quick Exterior Updates Before

The bushes above have since been trimmed and a few removed. These things grow and take over the rock beds like crazy.  More on the landscaping details later.

Quick Exterior Updates Before

And so the fun started.  I grabbed two test pots of Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot and painted squares of each color.  The top is Pale Oak (OC-20) and the bottom is Soft Chamois (OC-13).  Although it’s hard to tell in the photo, Pale Oak is slightly darker with a grey undertone.  Soft Chamois is more of an off-white color with a creamy undertone.  Which do you like better?

Quick Exterior Updates  Paint Colors

We picked the Soft Chamois color because it was lighter and looked best with all the brown.  I started painting and Paul built two window boxes to go under the garage windows.

Quick Exterior Updates Making window boxes

I purchased window box liners and he built the boxes to hold the liners.  Once they were assembled I painted them to mach the freshly painted doorway.

Quick Exterior Updates Window Box

Quick Exterior Updates Window box

Window boxes installed and doorway painted.  Ta-da!  We removed the storm door handle and painted with Rust Oleum black hammered spray paint. The light fixture is from Menards Patriot light collection called Treehouse.  The tree frogs are huge fans of the new light.  They live on the light all summer long.  The doormat is from Target (last summer) and lanterns from Ikea.

Quick Exterior Updates After

Quick Exterior Updates 11

You can see where we removed some of the bushes from under the garage windows in the photo above.  A close up of the light fixture and doorbell are below.

Quick Exterior Updates New Light

Even the doorbell got a face lift.  We looked for a new one, but didn’t find any styles we liked.  So we painted the door bell and screws with Rust Oleum black hammered paint, installed a new button since the old one no longer lit up.  I also printed a new name tag for the door bell.  The font I used is called Jellyka Delicious Cake and available for free personal use on dafont.com.

Quick Exterior Updates Doorbell update
While I still have a vision of our home someday looking like this, we keep plugging away at little updates to satisfy the craving. Not bad for about $50 and a weekend worth of work.  What exterior projects are you working on?  We are hoping to replace the roof and paint the entire house this summer.  Perhaps we’ll start updating some of our landscaping, too.

All photos via Designs By Jolene unless otherwise noted.


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