Prime, Paint & Pick A Color

Day 6: November 4, 2012


Time was of the essence as we hurried through our list of projects to complete before moving into our new house.  Every wall and ceiling needed to be painted.  Since we were short on time, we decided to go with neutrals in all of the rooms and add color later.

The three bedrooms upstairs were previously primed during our adventures in ceiling scrapping.  We used our paint sprayer to prime the ceilings first, followed by the walls.  This was a huge time saver for us since we had zero furniture in the rooms and only had to cover woodwork and windows, along with removing closet doors.

Selecting a paint color is often an overwhelming process.  Picking a color based on a tiny square of color is very difficult so we felt it was best to slap the color on the wall to really get a feel for the color.  We opted to select our top three favorite neutrals and paint each of the bedrooms with one of the colors.  Then, we selected our favorite color to paint throughout the main areas in the house (foyer, living room, dining room and hallway).

Our top three favorite neutral picks:

3 Paint Colors

1. Whisper Gray by Hirshfield’s Paint (W-215)

2. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore (HC-172)

3. Smoke by Hirshfield’s Paint (W-214)

Here are the colors in action. The photos aren’t the best quality since two were taken at night and one snapped on a cloudy day.  It’s hard to tell they are different colors so bare with me.

1. Whisper Gray by Hirshfield’s Paint (W-215)- Master Bedroom


2. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore (HC-172)- Guest Bedroom



3. Smoke by Hirshfield’s Paint (W-214)- Office



Can you guess which color we selected?  I’ll leave you in suspense for a bit…


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