Picking Paint & Backsplash Tile for the Kitchen

Day 24: November 22, 2012

The kitchen cabinets were so close to being done.  Our fancy-pants paint booth was still going strong in the garage while we sprayed coats of primer and paint on the doors and drawers.  While letting the paint dry we were busy working on other projects inside.  We sure do love multi-tasking.  Actually, that is probably more up my alley.  I always have a 3+ projects going on at the same time.  Paul always tells me to finish one project before starting the next.  What can I say, I am easily distracted and want to get as much done in the shortest amount of time.  It’s a girl thing, no?

Painting kitchen cabinet doors

Anyways, back to the update: one of the very first projects we did was rip down the kitchen wallpaper.  Thankfully, there was minimal prep work in removing  glue from the walls.  Once the half wall taping and mudding were finished we were ready to paint the kitchen.  In order to select the paint color, I wanted to find our backsplash tile first.  After a few trips to various tile stores, we decided on a sea glass greenish-blue mosaic tile with stone accents.  We found the tile at Home Depot on sale and also had a new homeowner coupon to use (cha-ching).  The glass and stone mosaic tile is called “Coastal Mist” by Hampton Bay.  I was unable to find the tile online so I am unsure if they still sell it, but I can assure it is more beautiful in person than the frumpy photo below.

kitchen backsplash tile

Hampton Bay Tile Box

Once we selected our backsplash, I picked a few favorite paint swatches in a coordinating color.  Here were my top three choices (listed in order from top to bottom):

  1. AF-490 by Benjamin Moore
  2. Spring Melt by Martha Stewart
  3. Sea Anemone by Martha Stewart

Kitchen Paint Colors

We taped them up on the wall against the cabinet color to select our favorite.  The photo below is horrible quality, but it’s the only one I took so this is what you get. 😛   You can see the paint colors alongside the tile and painted cabinets and countertops.  Can you guess which color we picked?  They are all pretty close so you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if I lied.  However, I’ll give you hint for now and let you keep guessing for a few more posts.  I know, more suspense.  *HINT*: A Soothing and Tranquil Color Indeed.

Kitchen Paint Colors and Backsplash


3 thoughts on “Picking Paint & Backsplash Tile for the Kitchen

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  2. Eric

    Hi, we were wondering if you have any of the Coastal Mist By Hampton Bay Glass Tile Mosaic sheets left over from your project? We could sure use them, we ran short and can’t find any since they’ve been discontinued. Thank you ver much! -Eric

    • Jolene Post author

      Hi Eric, Apologies for the delayed response. Your message got filtered into the spam inbox. We only have a few sheets left from our project, but would like to hang onto them in case of repairs. Good luck with your search!

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