Our Wedding Day in Photos: Part II

The Third Wedding Anniversary celebration continues!  The second half of our day is portrayed below. It was very difficult to pick my favorites to capture the evening.  It was an unforgettable night with our fabulous family and friends.  Looking at the photos make me want to re-live the day all over again!  I could also go for some dancing- we danced A LOT.  All photos below are by Mark Schlanser Photography.

Our wedding day in photos: October 9, 2010 (part II)

Paul & Jolene-0397

Paul & Jolene-0401

Paul & Jolene-0403

Paul & Jolene-0407

Paul & Jolene-0415

Paul & Jolene-0418

Paul & Jolene-0422

Paul & Jolene-0425

Paul & Jolene-0444

Paul & Jolene-0447

Paul & Jolene-0467

Paul & Jolene-0471

Paul & Jolene-0491

Paul & Jolene-0505

Paul & Jolene-0507

Paul & Jolene-0527

Paul & Jolene-0531

Paul & Jolene-0533

Paul & Jolene-0555

Paul & Jolene-0566

Paul & Jolene-0575

Paul & Jolene-0596

Paul & Jolene-0614

Paul & Jolene-0637

Paul & Jolene-0639

Paul & Jolene-0641

Paul & Jolene-0654 Paul & Jolene-0659

Paul & Jolene-0660

Paul & Jolene-0664

Paul & Jolene-0666

Paul & Jolene-0696

Paul & Jolene-0705

Paul & Jolene-0710

Paul & Jolene-0712

Paul & Jolene-0713

Source List:

Photography: Mark Schlanser

Venue: Historic Concord Exchange

Flowers: I Do Flowers

Bride’s Dress: JC Penney circa 1981 (My Mom’s dress, but altered slightly)

Bridesmaids Dresses: Diamond Bride & Formal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Decor & Details: Designs By Jolene

Invitations: Designs By Jolene

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