One Year Ago

We were house hunting like people with their pants on fire to find a new home.  The housing inventory was low and houses were selling FAST!  In most cases, we could not get to our scheduled showing before the house would sell. Very discouraging, but we kept our hopes up and continued to schedule showing after showing.  Here are a few photos I snapped during our adventure:

A new construction home with an amazing mud room (much needed in Minnesota) off the garage.  Loved this built-in!

Housing Hunting with Jo & Paul

Beautiful wallpaper with blue ducks and a fancy-pants touch to the bathroom towel bar. Keepin’ it classy!

Housing Hunting with Jo & Paul

Paul trying out the retro bar as the future bartender, perhaps?

Housing Hunting with Jo & Paul

 An amazing background, but a hefty commute to our jobs. We may or may not have done handstands in the basement at this one….

Housing Hunting with Jo & Paul

We were on the hunt for about two solid months.  After 57 showings (give or take a few open houses) we found our home at door #58.  Thank goodness!  I very much enjoy house hunting, but was oh-so-glad when we found THE one and our offer was accepted.  [ Insert Sigh of Relief ]


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