One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover Update

Thursday is here again and I am back with our One Room Challenge weekly update.  This last weekend we focused on organizing the inside of the shed.  In our previous weekly updates, we primary focused on the exterior.

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Onto the organizing fun:


One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 6

If you remember, our shed was uber chaotic before the organizing commenced.  Here’s a before photo to kick in your anxiety. 😉

One Room Challenge-Week 1- Shed Makeover 1

In our Week 2 update, I provided a layout for the plan to organize the shed.  We pretty much stuck to this plan.  Here’s how we did it:

One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress 1

Mr. Handy Pants Husband built a shelf along the back wall of the shed.  Previously, we had our storage bins just stacked on top of one another.  It was a nightmare to get to anything and required creative tub-shuffling to get anything in and out.  We already had all of this lumber on hand, so the cost to add was nearly “free”.  Also, in the shot below, you’ll notice the new subfloor we replaced in Week 3 in the front half of the shed.  While it would have been nice to replace all subfloor, we opted to leave the rest as-is since it was not sinking or crumbling beneath our feet.

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 4 building shelving in shed

In addition to the back wall shelving, Paul built a corner shelf to hold gardening tools.  I think it’s quite cleaver how the fertilizer cart fits snuggly under the shelf.  We also used various hooks to hang items on the wall around the shed.  This makes a HUGE difference as shovels, rakes and other sharp objects are no longer endangering our lives while we move around the shed.

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 2

The other side of the shed, now holds items like the weed trimmer (not pictured, but on a hook on left hand side of doors), coolers, rags, recreational items, camping gear, etc.  The white table with silver legs was formerly used as an office desk.  Instead of storing in the shed, we decided to utilize for additional storage.   The white bin floating against the wall now holds rags.  Paul secured to the wall with a few screws.

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 2 Organizing the shed

The back wall shelving holds all of our holiday decorations, window box arrangements and other random items.  Everything now has a home.  Even after rolling the lawn mower in it’s new place, there is plenty of room to move around.  Dance party anyone?  Ahhh, organization calms my anxiety.  How about you?  Anyone else organizing their shed or garage?

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 1 Shed Organization

Only one more week left of the challenge! We haven’t changed our original game plan, yet.  However, once we tackle the final landscaping this weekend that orginal plan may change.  Stay tuned to see where we end up.  Check back next Thursday for our final reveal.   Oh, and don’t forget to stop over here to see the updates from the rest of the ORC participants.  Enjoy your weekend and swing by if you’re up for some landscaping!

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Shed Makeover 5


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