One Room Challenge: Week 2 Shed Makeover Progress

Welcome Back!  We’re onto the second week of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home.  So, what exactly have we been up to in the last week?  Mostly list-making and planning.  Unfortunately, we have had rainy weather all week so there hasn’t been a good opportunity to start working on our to-do list.  Saturday’s weather looks promising, so cross your fingers for us!


We have been busy planning the layout, listing out the must-haves for organization and picking paint colors for the shed. Here is what we have in mind for the new layout.

One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress 1

The main goal is to find a home for everything and build shelving, to everything off the ground. The shelving for bins (along the back wall) will make the biggest impact.  We currently have them all stacked on one another and on the floor.  Shelving will make it look more organized and allow for easier access into the bins.  Since the walls of the shed are angled due to the barn-style, we will need to get creative in utilizing wall space for storage.

We also selected the new paint colors for the shed.  It is currently a whole-lotta brown and hasn’t been painted in ages.  The original paint can for the house and shed color looks like this.

One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress vintage benjamin moore paint can

Any guesses as to how old the paint can is?  I’m thinking the 90’s? Late 80’s?  If the paint can is any indication, the exterior really needs a fresh coat of paint!  We had our roof replaced last summer, so those shingles are all shiny and new.

One Room Challenge-Week 1- Shed Makeover 3

 Back to the paint colors.  Last summer we started brainstorming on what color we would like to repaint our home.  Brown with brown trim is not our favorite choice- I’m sure it was cool at one point in time.  We would really love contrast, color and more character.  Painting an entire home is scary, guys.  So, we decided the shed is the perfect place to try out these colors first.  If we hate it, then we haven’t committed to painting the entire house.  Playin’ it safe.

One Room Challenge: Week 2 Shed Makeover Progress 5 Paint Chips

Here’s a little sneak peak into the colors and design we doodled up.  We are going to salvage most of the trim, add some new, but keep the original brown color (Tahoe Brown by Benjamin Moore, circa 1980’s or 90’s?).  The body of the shed will be Hamburg Gray by Sherwin Williams and the red accents in Forbidden Red by Behr.  We also doodled in some mulch on either side of the shed and added pavers to the front.  All of the space around the shed is currently a muddy mess from all the rain.  Grass does not grow; we’ve tried.  We’re still contemplating the landscaping options.  Landscaping scares me more than painting an entire house.
One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress You may have noticed the black accents in the doodle above?  We are envisioning some larger black hinges and handles on the doors. Similar to the hinges in the photo below.  Maybe we’ll get fancy and add a black solar light over the door to tie it all together.

One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress  hardware

One Room Challenge-Week 2- Shed Makeover Progress lumber

This weekend we’ll be busy shopping, power washing, painting and planning our next move.  Pray for nice weather so we can start getting our hands dirty.  Stay tuned for more updates next week.

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7 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 2 Shed Makeover Progress

  1. Tera Janelle

    First, I LOVE that you’re doing a shed!! And super nice to have a trial run at paint colors before applying them to your entire house. Excited to find out whether, in the end, you decide to give the whole house a go!

    • Jolene Post author

      Thanks,Tera! I am also excited to see if these colors are going to stick and transfer over to the whole house. Stay tuned! 😉

  2. Pia

    Interesting to see if warm brown works with cold gray. I would have chosen a warm creamy white or soft dirty yellow with the brown and red. Looking forward to see the pictures! Good luck with the challange!

    • Jolene Post author

      We were thinking about a light brown/tan color for the body of the shed, but vetoed because the light color shows so much dirt. So far we are loving the color combos! Thanks for the comment!

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