New Studs in the House & Smurfs

Day 8: November 6, 2012

A few days prior we demolished the wall between our kitchen and dining area.  We planned to salvage the wood beams from the original wall, so the demolition was a careful one.  However, we ended removing this studly-studs and Paul rebuilt the new half wall.  We decided it was easier and more structurally sounds if we (he) rebuilt.  So we went from this…wobbly little studs

wood stud wall

To this…

new wood stud wall

Now those are some really some nice studs.  Wouldn’t you agree? I think it’s calling for some electrical and sheetrock.

Additionally, I had my favorite Brother (hi, Ry!) helping us with the electrical work.  Here is a photo of the old switches we pulled from the original wall.  RIP light switch, outlets and phone jack.

 old electrical boxes

Before we could start sheetrock-ing the new half wall, we had to: move 1 light switch, add and move a few outlets, add new electrical boxes for the future pendant lights, along with adding two way switches on each side of the kitchen.  More on the electrical work later.

Electrical in Wall

See those Smurf blue light switches?  That is the color the kitchen backsplash use to be.  I grew up watching the Smurfs on Saturday mornings so I have a soft spot in my heart for them.  And Fraggle Rock. Don’t get my started on the Fraggle’s.  Even though I love miniature blue cartoons and muppets,  I didn’t really want them in my kitchen.  Sorry, Smurfs.  We have big plans for the new backsplash.  And, the walls, lights, appliances, countertops and so on.  More exciting updates coming soon!


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