Moving Day. Well, Sorta.

Day 18: November 16, 2012

I have dubbed this day as “moving day”, but it really didn’t feel like we were officially moving.  Yes, we were moving all of our belongings from our storage unit into the home.  However, we weren’t quite ready to move ourselves into the house.  Since our deadline to move out of his Mom’s house was extended, we had a little more time to finish projects before we started to live in the house.  Moving in, yes. Living in, not yet.

Here we have our cozy storage unit, packed precisely like a game of Tetris and stacked to the ceiling. When we had to move out of our first home, we ended up selling about 75% of our furniture to the new owners.  Why?  Well, they asked if we would sell everything (art work, decor and furniture).  We weren’t willing to part with everything, but selling most of the furniture made sense since they wanted to close in 10 days,we had no new home to move into and didn’t want to pay to store it all.  So we ended up selling most of it.  It worked well and we had extra cash in our pockets.

Storage Unit

We hired movers to help us move both times.  Hiring movers is so.much.easier.  Worth every penny, in our opinion.  So, the plan was to use the same company to pack and unpack the storage unit.  We had requested to use the original crew that packed the storage unit so well, but ended up with a different crew.  Regardless, this crew did just as well.  They were successful in unpacking the unit.  Naturally, we found a few broken items when unpacking since we packed that baby to the ceiling.  After almost five months of sitting in storage, weather changes and the forces of gravity, we were bound to find a few broken items.

Moving day truck

It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but our unit held quite a bit (10×10 unit).  The largest items we stored included our oversized bedroom furniture: king mattress, box springs, headboard, large dresser, nightstand and mirror.  We also had a full size mattress, another headboard, two reclining chairs, vintage record player, the grill, a bike and the TV.  Everything else was packed in boxes or plastic bins.

Storage Unit

After about an hour, the truck was loaded and we were on our way to our house.  They were speedy in unpacking the truck since we didn’t have a full house of furniture.  The total time spent was only 3 hours with 3 men.  If you’re looking for a local Minnesota moving company to use, I would highly recommend Local Motion.

Cheers to moving (sorta moving, in our case)!

Moving Day energy

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