Moving Along and Finally Moving In

Day 40-53: December 8-21 , 2012

Our home project progress was slowing down as we inched our way into the Holidays and closer to finally moving into our house.  There was a lot of unpacking going on in between cleaning up the post-construction dust and debris.  Since I don’t have many photos or details for these events we’re going to smush them all into one post.  The last updated talked about our oh-so-very-exciting day when the new appliances were delivery.  Then fast forward through 13 more days as summarized below.

Day 40: Set up our bed and laid on it for the first time in 165 days- pure joy!
Day 41: First big snowfall of the winter = trapped inside to keep working on projects.
Day 44: Hannah kitty moves in and we sleep in the house for the first time!
Day 45: One last trip over to our temporary home (Paul’s Mom’s home) to ensure we got all of our belongings before she had to move out.  We were keeping our relator very busy in 2012. 
Day 47:  Breakfast bar project commences by husband while I am off to an overnight gymnastics meet. More on the breakfast bar later.
Day 51: Movie night with my nephew; he loved the pillow-pile “couch” and empty house to run around in.  He even helped unpack, a little ( 5 minutes, approximately). 
Day 53: Furniture delivered- we finally had more than a bed, two chairs, boxes, a cat and a record player in the entire house.  BIG DAY!


Originally, we had only planned on having 5 weeks (30 days) to complete all of the upper level painting, ceiling scraping and finish the kitchen remodel.  Thankfully, the moving date for his Mom, where we were temporarily living, was extended by another 3 weeks, so had more time to finish the messy projects before we started living in the house.  From our closing date to the first time sleeping in our house tallied up to 42 days.  That was 42 very long days of constant projects, minimal sleep, quick decision making, sore bodies and bad meals.  The projects weren’t completed in 42 days, but a majority of the “big” and messy projects were done.  It was a crazy time, but it was so rewarding to experience and drive the transformation in such a short time.  I would do it all over again in a heart beat.  Note To Self: take more days off work from your day job next time.  Oh, and you probably don’t want to work a part time job, at the same time, either. 


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