Let the Projects Begin!

Day 2: October 31, 2013

The day after we closed on our house we were not really thinking about Halloween so much, but more focused on getting our hands dirty with our first home project.  Not only were we prepared with our prioritized Google Document list, but we were ambitious to meet our deadline.  You see, we sold our first home back in June of 2012 and had been living with his Mom while we saved money and searched for our new home.  His Mom also sold her home shortly after we found our home, so our “remodeling while we live with Mom” window was shorter than we had expected.  We had exactly 5 weeks to complete most of our list so the house would be move-in ready.

The kitchen remodel was the first on our list (more on this later) and also the most time consuming so we started there.   The first evening commenced with a little wall paper removal and prepping the East wall (near the dining room) for demolition.  Here are a few before photos of our kitchen with a Smurf blue backsplash.  The wall below, with the old-school wall phone, will be removed and rebuilt as a half wall. We plan to add a breakfast bar with additional lower cabinets once the wall is rebuilt.  The wall to the left is a load-bearing wall, so we will not be touching that wall.

Kitchen wall- to be removed and rebuilt as half wall with breakfast bar
Kitchen wall- to be removed and rebuilt as half wall with breakfast bar




The textured wallpaper pulled right off the wall, exposing the unfinished sheet rock while leaving minimal glue behind- hooray!  We decided to end our night once a few trick-or-treaters stopped by looking for candy. We were completely empty handed and had to disappoint the small children.  Sorry, Kids- double the candy next year!  On the bright side, we got to meet a few of our neighbors.

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