Laundry List of Problems: Part I

Last Sunday I shared a sneak peak of our laundry room project we tackled during our vacation time over Christmas and New Years.  Typically, the laundry room is the last room (if ever) to experience an update or “refresh” as I am calling it.  Our home is a bi-level/split entry home with the basement partially underground.  The laundry room is located on the lower level.  We were spoiled in our previous home with the laundry located just outside our master bedroom.  We both grew up with the laundry in the basement, so it wasn’t entirely unfamiliar or a deal breaker for us.  Especially, because we have a sweet laundry shoot from the upstairs hallway. 😉  It is a big hit with the nephew and other kid-size visitors.  Here was the laundry room when we bought our home.

Laundry Room Refresh 1 Before

Laundry Room Refresh

Quite large (11′ wide and 13′ long) and clean for a laundry and utility room, but not very user friendly.  The HVAC, water heater and water softener are all located on the right hand side, when you walk into the laundry room.  The washer, 3-legged tub and dryer straight ahead.  The left hand side is a long open space with zero storage (photo below).

Laundry Room Refresh 2 Before

Here is the short list of the problems we had/still have with our laundry room.

Laundry List of Problems

You may wonder why we decided to tackle the laundry room before the many other projects on our list?  Well, it all started with these white cabinets.  Paul’s Mom decided to remodel her bathroom and would no longer need the cabinets. We called dibs on the cabinets when she mentioned the remodel and picked them up as soon as they were removed.  He thought they would work well in the garage, but it turned out they fit perfectly in our laundry room.  Oh, and it was like 10 degrees at the time, so we weren’t exactly ambitious to tackle a garage project.

Laundry Room Refresh 3

We hauled them inside and placed them along the big empty wall  We were sold on using the cabinets in the space, so we made our game plan and started the next day.  The next three photos are my favorite.  I have never seen anyone so excited to install a drawer before.  Ready for this?


Laundry Room Refresh 5


Laundry Room Refresh 6


Laundry Room Refresh 7

Love that cheese ball.  He’s all mine, ladies! 😉

Painting was first on the list.  The space felt really dark, so we decided to paint the walls.  The cedar walls also had pre-existing water stains along the bottom half of the wall, so we used Kilz primer as our base coat.  Those walls soaked up the paint.  It felt like I was painting for days, but the paint did enhance the cedar smell.  It was fantastic.

Laundry Room Refresh 8

After two coats of primer and night of drying-time the walls were dry and ready for some color.  Two coats of primer looked like this:

Laundry Room Refresh 9

I wanted the laundry room to feel bright and fresh.  Nothing too bright or bold, but just a hint of color.  We are both fans of anything blue, so naturally, we selected a shade of blue.  I was drawn to the cloud-like blue color called Soar by Behr.  He approved, so we were on our merry way with a gallon of Soar.  Here’s a shot of the color applied over the primer.  Very faint, but definitely a hint of blue.

Laundry Room Refresh 10 Behr Soar 510A-1

The blue also required two coats of paint.  Although, it was much easier to paint this time around.  Here we are mid-refresh.  The room is looking a little chaotic, but the walls are quite soothing.  Much brighter, right?

Laundry Room Refresh 11

For comparison, here is the before shot once again:

Laundry Room Refresh 1 Before

I’ll be back with Part II later this week to share the finished laundry room refresh!  Another kitchen update this week, too!  Have a great week!


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