Kitchen Backsplash Progress

Remember awhile back when I shared the story of selecting our backsplash and kitchen colors here.  We found a great glass and natural stone mosaic tile called Costal Mist at Home Depot.  Not sure if they still sell this in stores, but we purchased ours for $6.98 a square foot at the time.

Hampton Bay Tile Box

Paul enlisted his friend to help him install the tile one afternoon.  I was not home during the install so there are no photos of this process.  We will skip through the cutting, measuring and adhering to the wall.  Here is the only shot I have before we started grouting the tile.

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

We selected a white grout for a crisp contrast against the natural colors in the backsplash tile.  We used a non-sanded Polyblend grout in Snowwhite.  Paul mixed up the grout by adding water  as directed on the box.  We each started on one side of the kitchen to apply the grout and met in the middle.

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 80

This was after we had applied the grout, but before we sponged off the excess hence the hazy appearance to the tile.

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

The next morning our backsplash was dry and looking like this:

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

The photo is a little dark, but you can see the grouted backsplash against the wall color.  I love how much grout makes the tile pop.  For comparison, here is the photo with grout.

Kitchen BacKitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078ksplash Coastal Mist 8078

And the photo before we added the grout.

Kitchen Backsplash Coastal Mist 8078

Should we time travel back to the day we purchased our home?  Here is our original kitchen.  Check out that flashy blue backsplash!  Oh, and that phone?  The cord touched the ground.  It was perfect for walking all over the kitchen and around each corner, into the dining room and living room.  I always like spinning in a circle and wrapping the cord around myself.  You, too?  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you truly missed out on the era of the corded-phone.

Kitchen Before Wide Shot
I think I prefer our Coastal Mist backsplash over the Smurf blue one.  What do you think?  Have you ever added a backsplash to your kitchen?  We always wanted to add one in our first home, but decided not to spend the money since we knew we wouldn’t be there forever.
More kitchen updates coming your way!

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