Keep Calm and Chive On, We’re Painting the Closet Green!

Day 9: November 7, 2012

The foyer closet needed some love.  The closet shelf was sadly sagging from lack of proper anchors and screws.  The ceiling in the closet also had water stains from a roof leak that occurred when the previous homeowners lived in the house.  Once we removed the shelves, filled the holes and sanded, we were ready to paint.

Foyer Closet

Sad water stains

First, we started with a stain blocking base paint by Zinnser to help cheer up the water stains.  Then, we painted.  In Color.  The color choice?  A lovely shade of green called “Chives” by Menards.  Why this color?

  1. We wanted something dark to hide shoe scuff marks, dirt, etc.
  2. Frankly, we were sick of painting everything else a shade of grey (Revere Pewter).
  3. The color reminded us of a website we are fond of called  Every heard of it?  You should check it out. It may not be for you, but we enjoy the site.   The third photo will make more sense if you are familiar with the site.

Chives Paint Color

KCCO = Keep Calm and Chive On

Keep Calm and Chive On

One primer coat and two green coats and we were done. Boom!  Green closet ready for shelves to go back in and doors back on.  This time with proper anchors and screws.  I think we’re almost ready to add all of our Minnesota winter gear, boots, shoes and sandals.

Chives Green Closet

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