Fall Clean Up

Day 15: November 13, 2012

One of the benefits of buying an older home is a yard with mature trees.  They add character to the yard, shade your home and make a great place to hang a swing.  All is dandy until the fall season rolls around and your lawn is covered with leaves.

Fall Leaves in Yard

We have around 10 large trees in our yard, plus all of our neighbors have mature trees.  Leaves are falling in every direction and blowing from yard to yard.  Since we were busy with interior projects, the duty of raking up leaves was low on our priority list.  Eventually, it dawned on us that we should probably get the leaves cleaned up before the snow flies.  In Minnesota, you just never know when that will happen.  You might be shoveling snow and raking leaves in the same week.  Heck, it could even be the same day.

Fall Leaves in Yard Fall Leaves in Yard

Since our time was limited and day light savings left us with a dark yard by the time we arrived home from work, we decided to call a lawn care company to help us out.  As we typically do almost 95% of our home-related chores ourselves, I felt really weird making that phone call.  All weird feelings aside, I made the call and scheduled them for the following week.  We arrived home to clean, leaf-less yard and ready to carry on with our long list of projects inside.  This is the only post-clean-up photo I could find; a leaf-less yard with a cute kid in an owl hat (my nephew, Kale)!  Are you cleaning up your own yard  or hiring someone like us?

Leafless Yard with cute kid

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