Painting Kitchen Cabinet Face Frames: Part I

Day 13: November 11, 2012

Last time I left you with this photo.  Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers were asked to leave the building (temporarily, of course).

DIY kitchen remodel

Since that photo, we progressed in prepping the cabinets for primer by sanding the fronts and sides of the cabinet faces.  After sanding we used the shop vacuum to clean up dust and debris.  Followed by wiping with a tack cloth to wipe the excess dust from the surfaces.  This left the faces super clean and ready for primer.

Sanded Kitchen Cabinets

We opted to used Zinnser’s Smart Prime as recommend by the nice man at Hirshfields.  This primer sticks to all surfaces, blocks stains and low odor.  It was also compatible with the enamel paint we selected to use for the main cabinet color. More details about that paint later.

Zinnser Smart Prime

Sanded Kitchen Cabinets

Sanded Kitchen Cabinets

We used a combination of a paintbrush and a mini roller to apply the primer.  My favorite paintbrush is this little guy by Wooster.  Oddly, I really enjoy painting so I have many of these on hand and use whenever the paint can is calling my name.

Wooster Short Cut Paint Brush

We called it a day after applying two coats of primer.  Here’s a sneak peak of priming progress.  Up next: cabinet paint color details and more photos!

Priming Kitchen Cabinets

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