Doors, Drawers, Sheetrock and A First Date

Day 20: November 18, 2012 (Part II)

The first half of the day was all about nails, sparks and Blue Solo Cups.  The second half is just as exciting, let me tell you!  We sprayed our cabinet doors and drawers in the garage with our sprayer.  Our friend, Jake, helped Paul build a paint booth with plastic drop clothes in the garage to help contain the overspray.  Spraying the doors and drawers was MUCH easier than painting with a brush to achieve a seamless look (aka-no brush marks).  We sprayed them with the primer first, followed by the Battenberg color.  For more info about the paint and color we selected read here.

painting door and drawers

Meanwhile, my brother was also over working diligently on finishing up our electrical projects in the kitchen.   The new half wall already had three new junction boxes installed.  There will be two outlets for the kitchen side, where the cabinets and counter space will be installed.  The dining room side has one outlet as well (in the bottom photo look for the lower, middle blue box).   Up above, he installed three round junction boxes where the future pendants will hang.  This was no easy task to install those little round blue boxes.  He was crawling around in the attic with his white hazard material suit on in order to drill holes, feed wires and properly run the electricity to these boxes.

electrical installed in kitchen

electrical installed in kitchen

While the boys were working hard on the painting and electrical, the ladies were keeping the kids entertained.  My nephew Kale and sister-in-law, Kyla came along for the some fun. As well as my friend Kim, Jake and their daughter, Julia.  Kale and Julia had fun jumping on the bed, chasing each other through a mostly empty house.

kids jumping on bed

They also had a fancy first date in our living room.  Chipotle tacos on a folding step stool is quite memorable.  Aren’t they cute?

first date chipotle

Last, but not least; the sheetrock was hung.  With the electrical in place, we were able to hang the sheetrock over each side of the half wall.  That concludes a busy Day 20 for us.

installing sheetrock

installing sheetrock


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