DIY Save The Date Video

This week Paul and I will celebrate three years of marriage.  Three years, already?  Time flies when you’re having fun!  To honor #3 I’ll share a week of wedding related posts to reminisce our special day. A little show-and-tell, shall we?  To begin, here is our DIY Save the Date Video we created to share the news with our family and friends.



Curious how we did it?  Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Digital Camera with video option  (we used a Canon Powershoot)

2. Memory Card – erase all data before shooting to ensure you have enough space

3. Tripod

4. Movie editing software (iMovie was my preferred choice)

5. A  game plan & props

At the time, save the date videos were popping up all over the internet.  I saw a few and instantly fell in love with the concept.  After a few Google searches and jotting down ideas, I had my mind set on creating our own video.  It was the middle of winter, in Minnesota, so the outdoor shooting options were very limited.  However, what do Minnesotans do in the stark cold of winter?  Yup, we still go outside.  Usually for hockey and ice skating, of course!  That is what we grew up doing all winter long; skate until you can’t feel your toes and fingers anymore.  I sold Paul on the idea once I mentioned hockey jerseys and skates.

We already had the University of Minnesota jerseys on hand, so I crafted up the signs, we gathered all of the supplies and headed to the nearest rink.  We didn’t have the entire video scripted, just general ideas.  So we bundled up (it was a COLD day!) and started skating.   I would hit the record button and we started piecing together different bits.  We learned the recording limit on our camera was 2 minutes so we had to listen for the beep to ensure we didn’t miss anything on camera.  We filmed until the memory card was full and we felt we had enough to work with.

After we returned home, I downloaded to my camera and reviewed everything.  I had just purchased my new Macbook and I decided to give myself a crash course in iMovie.  If you’re doing the same, I would suggest watching the tutorial video provided by Apple along with watching YouTube videos when you get stuck.  Aside from this, it was a lot of trial and error, and a few curse words.  About a week later, I had finalized the video and off it went via email!

Minnesota Winter at the Ice Rink
Filming our DIY Save the Date Video at the ice rink

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