Crushin’ on Cabinets and Hand Me Down Curtains

Day 4: November 2, 2012

This day was busy with appointments and errands to prepare ourselves for starting our must-finish-before-we-move-in list.  Here’s a recap of the day.

1. Appointment with Home Depot to get an estimate for cabinet refacing.


2. Appointment with Budget Blinds to get a quote for new window coverings.

One of the reasons we fell in love with our house is for the extra large windows.  The current window coverings were/still are dated (like most everything else in the house) and needed a face lift.  Presenting our hand-me-down window covering collection.

The dusty sheer drapes-


Longest gold metal blinds I have ever seen-


Retro woven vertical blinds (box elder bug friendly)-


Say hello to my little friend.  See?  The box elder bugs were drawn to these blinds and I’m not sure why.


Sexy pull-string curtains- they remind me of the curtains in our old Winnebago Camper. Anyone know what I’m talking about?



3. Home Depot run to browse the in-store options for new cabinets and buy paint to cover the beautiful yellow sponge painting.   You could tell the paint had been on the wall for awhile due to the fading around the once hanging wall art. The sponge painting was in the foyer, living room, dining room and hall way.


I was and still am crushing on these greenish-blue cabinets with the dark rustic wood countertop.  I whole-heartily LOVE them.  They are from the Thomasville Cabinets collection at Home Depot.  Probably not everyone’s favorite color, but anything in the teal family wins my vote.









Shopping at Home Depot


Once we returned home, we finished prepping the upper living area for the fresh paint and discussed our cabinet options.  After comparing cabinet refacing with new cabinets we actually steered the renovation train towards Option B.  We also decided to hold off on having new window coverings installed until after the kitchen project was completed.  Wondering what Option B is?  Me too.  More details on this later.

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