Black Friday Appliance Shopping Tips

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping are approaching, I thought I would share a list of tips for appliance shopping during Black Friday (and any other time of the year).  Last year, as we were remodeling our kitchen, we took advantage of the amazing sale prices and purchased new appliances for our kitchen.  I’m certain there are others shopping for appliances this week and may find this helpful.  Key Note: learn from our mistakes! 🙂

Appliance Shopping Tips on Black Friday

Set your budget ahead of time

  • Before you even START looking, know what your budget is.  What can you truly afford?  Write it down and stick to it.

Research, research, research

  • What appliances do you need/want?  Prioritize your list according to the appliances you need the most
  • What options can you NOT live without (example: does your fridge really need a water and ice dispenser on the front?)
  • Read reviews on retailers sites and check out YouTube for product reviews

LG Fridge

Compare Prices

  • Almost every store selling appliances will have Black Friday Specials.  Many are similar, but some deals are better.  Compare prices as soon as you can get your hands on Black Friday Sale flyers!  If you prefer shopping with one retailer over another they may offer to match the lower price.

Measure, measure and measure again

  • Measure your spaces where the appliances will live (do this 3 times to be sure!) and write it down
  • Also measure your doors (in between the frame), stairways, entry doors and anywhere the appliance will have to travel.  Be certain that large appliance can actually make it inside the house!  We struggled with getting our large fridge in the door.  We had to remove the storm door, entry door and removed the hand rails going up the stairs.  We also ended up returning our microwave because it was too close to the range (more on this later).  We measured 3 times and were still wrong. Oh well, it happens.

LG Stainless Steel Fridge

Pre Shop

  • Appliances are a major purchase.  You will most likely have them in your home for the next 10+ years.  If the appliances you are eyeballing are available to see in person, do it.  Check them out in the store ahead of time.  Open the doors; push the buttons; try moving shelves around, take photos, etc.  Ask questions and get feedback from the sales person.
  • Measure, again.  Yes, again.  Sometimes the online measurements are wrong.  Bring your tape, pen and paper along. Compare to the online measurements just to be sure.  Be sure it will fit in your space!

Show up and purchase!

  • f you’re not looking to score a door buster special (4am shopping, anyone?), I would advise waiting to make you’re adventure to the store.  Avoid the crazies!  We waited until about 10-11am to swing into Sears and buy our appliances.  Yes, they were busy, but it was far more tolerable than pushing our way through the herd of early morning shoppers.

Zero Interest and Bonus Points

  • If the retailer you are purchasing from offers zero interest and/or a reward point system, it may be worth using their credit card.  We took advantage of the deals Sears was offering by opening a credit card with them and scoring a lot of points with their Shop Your Ways Rewards program.  We have used the points to buy tools and other housing related items at Sears over the last year.  It has been a fantastic bonus!

Prepare for Delivery Day

  • Depending upon the availability, you may not get your appliances delivered as quickly as you would like. Due to high demand we had a 3 week wait for our range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher to be delivered.  When the delivery day rolls around,be prepared to remove doors, railings and anything else in the way of travel.  You will possibly end up with a scratch, dent and a ding or two.  Hopefully not on the appliance, but instead on the wall or floor (easier to repair!).  We certainly had our share of scratches on our wood floors, door frames and freshly painted walls.  All fixable, put still a pain.

Packaged Appliances

IMPORTANT: Check all appliances before the delivery crew leaves!

  • Before the crew leaves, pull off the protective layers and look for dents, scratches and dings.  Unfortunately, we left the blue sticky protective layer on for a few more days (since we were still remodeling) and later found a deep scratch on the front of the range door.  Thankfully, the customer service crew at Sears was very helpful and willing to send us a replacement range since the scratch was so deep.  However, you may not be guaranteed a replacement unit so just to be sure, I would advise you check before they leave!

Stainless Steel Appliance Scratch
There you have it.  Appliance shopping tips according to our experience.  Anyone else purchasing appliances this week?  What tips would you share with others?  Happy Shopping and Good Luck!


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