A Little Shark Bite on Christmas Eve 2012

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Earlier this week I shared a photo of this ornament.  I mentioned there is a fun story to that little copper pipe that now hangs delicately on our Christmas tree.  In the midst of remodeling last year, we had a small yet memorable incident on Christmas Eve.  We were replacing some plumbing last year, on the morning of Christmas Eve (yup, we were really trying to squeeze in one more project before heading over for some family time).  I was upstairs working on some last minute gift wrapping.  Paul was downstairs, in the laundry room, prepping to cut a PVC pipe for a leaky toilet in the upper main bathroom.  I went downstairs to check on him and all was well.  I went back upstairs to finish my project.  Soon after I could hear the saw running.  Shortly after, I heard an odd popping noise followed by curse words. I remember thinking, ” Oh my gosh, he just cut his hand off!”  I stood up, ran down the hall and turned the corner to head down the stairs and was struggling to get traction in my socks on the wood floors.  I remember feeling like I was in a slow motion scene of a movie.  My heart was pounding.  Finally, I made it to the carpeted stairs (traction, finally!)  I am certain I jumped down both flights of stairs arriving to the laundry room.

Uncertain of what I was about to see, I pushed the laundry room door open only to find my husband drenched from head to toe.  Standing on a step stool, just staring at the pipes above his head with water dripping from his hair and nose.  Soon I could feel my socks and bottom of my pants sopping with water.  There was standing water on the floor, the walls were wet and the water was dripping from the ceiling.  Quickly, I grabbed towels and start cleaning up the water.  I handed him a towel to dry off and waited a few minutes before asking what had happened.

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, that little copper pipe was hiding directly behind the PVC pipe he was cutting.  The pipes were very close to the wall and in between the floor trusses, so he was working with a very tight and dark space.  He cut through the PVC pipe and also, through the copper pipe.  And, the main water line was not shut off.  Oops.  Thankfully, the main water shut off valve was directly below the pipe he was cutting so he was able to shut off the water before I arrive to save the day.  😉

Being that it was Christmas Eve the stores were closing early.  Thankfully, we made it to Home Depot with about 30 minutes to spare and purchased a repair kit called SharkBite.  We had to cut a small section of the copper pipe to make way for the SharkBite.  It was vert difficult to get on the pipe, but once we got it on there the pipe was repaired.  Saved by the SharkBite.

This piece of copper pipe we cut away, with the original cut mark, now hangs on the Christmas Tree.  Indeed, it was a very eventful start to our Christmas Eve last year.  On the bright side, the laundry room has never been so clean.  We added an extra project to our list that day and learned how to quickly repair a copper pipe.  We also had a story to share with the family.  I don’t think we’ll be tackling any home projects the morning of Christmas Eve this year.

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