Painting Cabinets With a 3 Year Old

Day 18: November 16, 2012 (Part II):

The second half of our moving day was spent working on the kitchen cabinets.  Since the movers were so speedy at moving everything into the house, we had plenty of time to work on more projects.  Unpacking boxes was not high on the list because we were still working on finishing the kitchen and not yet living in the house yet.  We placed most of the boxes in the basement and unpacked slowly over the next few weeks.  Although, I did bust open a few boxes to find things I had forgotten about.  It was kinda like a mini-Christmas session.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

My sister-in-law and nephew stopped over to help us unpack and work on projects.  My nephew, Kale, said he wanted to help Uncle Paul work on sanding the cabinet doors and drawers.  Here’s a photo recap of how that went:

Painting Cabinets with a 3 Year Old

Shortly after dancing on the cabinet doors, Kale was spotted running through the leaf-less yard.  Oh to be 3 years old again. 🙂

Kale playing in the yard

Kale playing in the yard

And, Uncle Paul left behind to work hard on sanding the doors and drawers and prep for painting.

Painting Cabinet doors


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