365 Days In Our New House

A year has passed since we signed our names a few dozen times and were handed the keys to our new home.  Since we had sold and moved out of our first home four months prior, we were beyond excited to have another space to call our own.  We were also very anxious to start working on our long list of projects to complete before moving in.

365 Days in Our New Home

I certainly know we have been busy bees working to cross things off our list over the last year.  Somedays, when I look around our house, it feels as though we haven’t made any progress.  To make ourselves feel more accomplished I am going to share a list of items we have checked off our list and the items we are planning to do in the future.  I’ll even include a little math and get fancy with percentages.  Ready for this?

365 Days In Our New House- The List

Whew!  That was a long list (and, I am sure I forgot a few checked items!)  I don’t know about you, but I feel much better after seeing that on paper.  How about you?  Feeling accomplished or overwhelmed by the list?  We are slowly picking away at our list and plan to keep sharing the projects we have completed on our blog so keep checking back for more updates!

Want to see the BEFORE photos of our home? Click here.

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